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+1 703-998-5600

1605 Fern Street, Alexandria, VA 22302
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  • Ibin Qawwee
    Dec, 01 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    This is one review I hate to write but here goes.

    I needed​ my car key replaced so I called the service dept 10+ times w/o an answer & I left messages & never got a return call. This prompted me to reach out to their other location in Falls Church which has impeccable customer service & was able to answer all of my questions in one phone call. Since I couldn't get anyone at this location I went to the Falls Church location & got a key cut for my car.

    I spoke with the service tech there & I told him I've been calling other volvo locations & they have been giving me prices almost 2x the amount that they charged me in Falls Church. I was able to get a key cut there but since I did have my car with me I couldn't get it programmed at the Falls Church location. I asked the service tech how much it would be to have the key programmed & he said it shouldn't​ be over $200. He told me to have my car towed to the Alexandria location since they're closer to where I live.

    I had my car towed to the Alexandria location & when I told the service manager what I needed he told me I was looking at $450 in costs to have it programmed. I told him I already got a key cut at the Falls Church location & all I needed was it programmed, he then proceeds to say you're still looking at $300 in costs. I then told him that the Falls Church location told me $200, he then had a change of heart & said well we'll see if we can do for $200.

    When I picked up my car yesterday the service manager told me that my driver side window doesn't roll up or down & someone should be bringing my car around. I let him know that I was aware of the window & he handed me my receipt. After reviewing my receipt I noticed that it said my airbag light & service light was on. The service was a known issue however there wasn't any issues with my airbags until it was under their care (I know it sounds cliche), also once my car was brought to me I noticed the tint on my driver side window had been scratched.

    My guess is this was from the mechanic attempting to roll down the window. Why he needed to roll down my window is beyond my knowledge since we had 65 -70 degree days here all week​. My AC was cranked up to the max, again I don't know why when the weather was not hot. No one bothered to mention that the tint was scared before I got my or offer some type of reimbursement.

    I guess they figured since the window didn't work it's not their fault that they caused the scratches. I would not recommend this location to my worst enemy. If you can spare the time to drive to Falls Church please do so. The team there is friendly, honest, responsive & not trying to take you to the cleaners. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOCATION. If I could give a half star I would.
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